Product description

dEQ6 is a 6 band stereo/MS dynamic equalizer with high quality oversampling and accurate spectrum analyzer.

dEQ6 controls the filter gain of each band by a compressor/expander. This reduces or increases the gain in a specific frequency range, depending on the program material. The detector signal for the compressor/expander is processed by a pre filter which is controlled by the centre frequency and Q-factor of the dynamic filter. This ensures that the compressor/expander is only activated by content in the specified frequency range.

On top dEQ6 comes with a new function called AB-LM Lite providing perceptual loudness matching.

Interactive EQ display

The display shows the spectrum curve of the incoming and outgoing signal. It is controlled by the analyzer modes and settings. The static minimum/maximum filter response is displayed as a light yellow band, Each filter band has its own handle, which can be moved and tweaked by mouse.

Extended view


The current level is displayed as grey circular bar. The current gain reduction as red bar and the threshold as yellow line.

Filter parameter

dEQ6 consists of 6 stereo dynamic filter in series. Each filter can be configured individually by setting type, sidechain, stereo placement (all, left, right, mid and side), frequency, gain, q-factor, threshold, ratio (compressor or expander), attack, release time and gain reduction range. Each filter can connect to the external sidechain channel.

Perceptual Loudness Matching (AB-LM Lite)

AB-LM Lite is a perceptual A/B loudness matching algorithm to help you avoid the pitfall of 'louder is better', so you can evaluate the impact of the plugin on your incoming and outgoing audio signal at equal loudness.

When you engage AB-LM Lite, the algorithm analyzes the incoming signal and compares it to the outgoing signal via its RMS values and applies an automatic gain adjustment so you can focus on the plugin settings and what they are actually doing to your audio, without being distracted by loudness differences.

For the more advanced features please refer to ABLM.


  • 6 independent filter + compressor/expander
  • 3 filter types, analogue design, minimal phase, zero delay
  • many comfort functions to setup multiple bands
  • NEW: independent stereo/left/right/mid/side processing per band
  • side chain support
  • sample rates up to 192 kHz
  • "real" over sampling, up to 4x
  • hi-res spectrum analyzer with 32k FFT
  • pre/post-EQ spectrum, max/average/live spectrum, stereo/left/right/mid/side
  • smoothed, ISO R40 smoothed and raw data spectrum
  • post filter predictive spectrum
  • EQ cheat sheets
  • spectrograph
  • frequency tracker
  • Extended input/output meter, Peak/RMS/EBU/VU
  • Perceptual Loudness Matching (powered by AB-LM Lite)
  • narrow-band sweeping mode
  • spectrum freeze mode
  • sample exact A/B toggle for all processing modes
  • precise parameter input
  • undo/redo
  • arge, resizable and easy to use GUI
  • free GUI scaling and resizing
  • full DAW automation support, smooth parameter change
  • 64-bit internal processing
  • very efficient CPU usage design
  • product needs to be activated with license key
  • free update for dEQ6 customers
  • demo version available


  • Version: 4.2.6
  • Last update: 20.02.2024
  • PDF manual: Download
  • Changelog: View

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€ 59.00
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Important notes:

Before downloading and installing please check the system requirements!

Demo version versus Registered version:
In demo mode (without registering) the plugin mutes audio every 90 seconds for a short period. This could be circumvented by clicking on the "TBProAudio" logo within 90 seconds.

After installation product is in demo mode and needs to be activated. Please follow the steps described in the manual or here.

Before any purchase please test the product, read and accept the terms listed here.


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