September 12, 2021
Plugin update 2021.9.1

TBProAudio has updated all plugins to fix an issue with Pro Tools Audio Suite. Please download from here.

TBProAudio News


August 15, 2021
DSEQ updated to V3.5

TBProAudio has updated DSEQ to V3.5, which adds adaptive slope, adaptive threshold and natural phase filter.

August 06, 2021
Plugin update 2021.8.1

TBProAudio has updated ABLM, dpMeterXT, DSEQ, Euphonia,…

July 31, 2021
Plugin update 2021.7.1

TBProAudio has updated GSat+, dpMeter, sTilt, ISOL8 and…

June 16, 2021
CS-5501V2 updated to V2.1.0

TBProAudio has updated CS-5501 to V2.1.0:

  • NEW: true mono, reduced CPU
  • UPDATE: GUI reflects mono…
June 05, 2021
sTilt updated to V2.1

TBProAudio has updated sTilt to V2.1:

  • Two additional filter modes: natural phase and zero delay filter

June 01, 2021 and TBProAudio announce GSat+ FREE Advanced Saturation Plug-In

(Munich, DE / London, UK) - TBProAudio and are proud to announce GSat+, a brand-new high-end saturation plug-in for your digital…

May 30, 2021
CS-5501V2 updated to V2.0.7

TBProAudio has updated CS-5501 to V2.0.7:

  • Very strong reduction of OS aliasing
  • Other small fixes

May 06, 2021
Plugin update 2021.5.1

TBProAudio has updated most of its products. The updates provide various fixes dedicated to Cubase and UTF8. Please download from here.

April 30, 2021
Plugin update 2021.4.2

TBProAudio has updated ABLM, AMM and CS5501. The updates provide various…

April 06, 2021
DSEQ updated to V3.1.0

TBProAudio has updated DSEQ to V3.1.0:

  • filterboard, copy filter
  • improved touch control
  • preset…
April 02, 2021
Plugin update 2021.4.1

TBProAudio has updated dpMeter5, ST1 and GainRider. The updates provide…

March 29, 2021
TBProAudio unveils its redesigned website

TBProAudio has launched a redesign of their website, The site now features a cleaner and more contemporary design. The…

March 14, 2021
DSEQ updated to V3.0

TBProAudio has updated DSEQ to V3.0:

  • gain reduction spectrograph
  • free GUI scaling and resizing
  • extended…
March 11, 2021
ABLM updated to V2.0

TBProAudio has updated ABLM to V2.0:

  • simple GUI
  • free GUI scaling
  • robust auto linking
  • Mac universal…
March 09, 2021
Plugin update 2021.3.2

TBProAudio has updated dEQ6, Impress, DynaRide and GainRider…

March 08, 2021
Plugin update 2021.3.1

TBProAudio has updated CS-5501, dpMeterXT, Euphonia and ST1

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