April 06, 2021
DSEQ updated to V3.1.0

TBProAudio has updated DSEQ to V3.1.0:

  • filterboard, copy filter
  • improved touch control
  • preset…

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April 02, 2021
Plugin update 2021.4.1

TBProAudio has updated dpMeter5, ST1 and GainRider. The updates provide…

March 29, 2021
TBProAudio unveils its redesigned website

TBProAudio has launched a redesign of their website, www.tbproaudio.de. The site now features a cleaner and more contemporary design. The…

March 14, 2021
DSEQ updated to V3.0

TBProAudio has updated DSEQ to V3.0:

  • gain reduction spectrograph
  • free GUI scaling and resizing
  • extended…
March 11, 2021
ABLM updated to V2.0

TBProAudio has updated ABLM to V2.0:

  • simple GUI
  • free GUI scaling
  • robust auto linking
  • Mac universal…
March 09, 2021
Plugin update 2021.3.2

TBProAudio has updated dEQ6, Impress, DynaRide and GainRider…

March 08, 2021
Plugin update 2021.3.1

TBProAudio has updated CS-5501, dpMeterXT, Euphonia and ST1

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