DSEQ updated to V3.5

TBProAudio has updated DSEQ to V3.5. 

The update adds adaptive slope, adaptive threshold and natural phase filter.
The adaptive slope and threshold continously calculates the optimal slope and threshold values based on the input signal. Combined with the loundess matching it instantly improves resonances or digital harshness with no or small user interaction.
The natural phase filter reduces pre-ring while taming resonances or removing digital harshness.

Important Note: AAX Mac is temporarily unavailable until AAX support for Big Sur/Apple Silicon arrives. Pro Tools users should continue using DSEQ V2.x until further notice.

New features and enhancements:

  • adaptive slope
  • adaptive threshold
  • presets supporting adaptive slope and threshold
  • dynamic filter type: natural phase filter
  • online version check
  • filterboard: copy filter
  • improved touch control
  • preset drums - hihats
  • revised manual

The update is free for all current DSEQ customers.


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